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Harrison County Resource Network partners with Kidding Around Yoga to offer yoga in schools

Channel 12 WBOY news article by Megan Hudock

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. - The Harrison County Family Resource Network partnered with Kidding Around Yoga to teach children mindfulness and the art of yoga over the weekend.

"Basically what we're trying to teach our young people is how to have stress reduction, how to make good decisions, how to focus, and how to work through mindfulness in their everyday lives and situations," said Joanne McNemar with the Harrison County Family Resource Network.

West Virginia teachers and yoga instructors learned to share yoga with children during a two-day teacher training.

The Harrison County Family Resource Network in conjunction with Kidding Around Yoga are bringing yoga to schools through grants.

"Elements that we include in every class that benefits the children would be mindfulness, and meditation, and breath control, learning to regulate our breathe in times of stress," said Katie Rose, Kidding Around Yoga teacher trainer.

Kids taking the class ranged in age from preschool to middle school.

"We are doing in initiative in Harrison County where we will be taking it to the elementary schools and to the middle schools, trying to incorporate this along with substance abuse prevention, and wellness and mindfulness," McNemar continued.

The class is designed to help move the body, move into stillness and be calm.

"Children can connect with their own inner spirit of play," Rose said. "There's so many times in our world that we're under stress and Kidding Around Yoga is designed to incorporate the tools of yoga and also it's stress management. That's the easiest way to sum it up is it's stress management for children. All of it. They just get to be free. They're allowed to be loud. They're allowed to be silly, and that just lets all of the other stuff fall away."

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